The Song Is A Metaphore Catch The Vibe


Pop There Goes The Gun Shot There Goes That Mans Heart
Died Wit His Eyes Open The Shooter Stood Frozen
Its Me It The Whole Situation Flashed Backed
What Makes A Man Make The Gat Crack
As I Stood There Arm Raised Cold Steel
In My Palm In My Calm Rage Whole Deal
Still Smoke Coming Out The Chromed Steel
Blood Piddles Everywhere Thru This Black Hole
Mad Cold Flesh Stuck To The Marbled Floor
Its Like A Art Piece Of A Man Who Lost His Soul
Brown Trench Coat Fedora Hat
Allen Edmond Stand Wit The Coldest Stance
Phister Hotel In The Lobby
Newspaper Under My Arm A New Hobby Catch The Rodell
Fresh Cut Barber Tony The Colombian
Black Dart Charger Fully Equipt Wit The Double Tint
Stolen Bar Codes Bank Numbers Situation Faint Brother
My Mic Serious The Cobra Fanges Indeginous
In Your Brain Poisonous , Yes A Rap Battle
Sorta Like A Stand Off Wit Mad Shrapnel
Emcees In A Dual Mics Are The Gun
Words Are Ammo Precise On The Ones
Mystic Artform Take Place In Arenas
Or In The Back Alleys Distant Deaths Left Unseen Dun
The Gat Tallies Lets Make It A Perfect Dual
Standing Erect At High Noon He Spits I Dodge
Load The Tool And Unlodge I See It In His Eye Kid
He Came To Make Death A Deal With His Live Spits
I Tip My Hat Freshly Ribboned Eyes Shadowed
I Begin A Spittin Mad Ammunition
Metaphores Like forty fours Punches When We Get Get Tangled
Wild Throws From Diffrent Angles The Crowd Looks On
One Dude Licks His Lips Like Death Is On His Toungue
He Swings I Swing Wrestling While Loading Guns
Knee Kicks And Bite Marks Dirty Bars Leave Him Shunned
Jaw Taps Leave Him Stunned Like A Tazer
Vapors Penetrate The Speakers As Beautiful As Ukijo-e
Kabuki Assassin In This Play I Move The Whole Fleet (Blastin)
Take The Stand Kid Play This Like My Battle
War Torn Veteran Arabian On Black Camels
We Fight We Dance We Break We Point IN Your Face Wit The Joint
Cock Back Than Annoint Flames To Ya Dome Son
In A Duel There Can Only Be One


released February 18, 2013
Maximus Da Mantis On The Vocals .....Krus On The Beat



all rights reserved


Maximus Da Mantis Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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